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Here at Gearhead Kustoms we make custom automotive related products like Vehicular Furnishings and Automotive Decor. Things like benches, shelves and tables from old or new car parts. We make really cool gear for the garage/Man cave. Want something one of a kind that none of your buddies have? Maybe we can help. We also do custom glass etching on car windows to personalize your ride the way you want it. 

We do custom glass etching  for you home, garage or office !

  Your weekly car fact !!
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  In the year 1971 Pontiac produced it's 15,0000,00 th car...

Did you know ?

Need personalized drinking glasses or wine bottles call us !

We also do personal or corporate gifts for any occasion !

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 Welcome to your weekly car Joke  LMAO !!!! 

 Near the end of their racing careers, a Ford and a Chevrolet made a pact. The first one to reach racing heaven would let the other know if heaven even had car racing.

As luck would have it, the Chevrolet was demolished in a fiery wreck. A few days later, it revealed itself to the Ford in a vision. “I have some good news and some bad news,” the Chevy told the Ford. “The good news is that heaven is crazy about auto racing. They have everything here–NASCAR, Indy cars, Formula 1, you name it.”

“So what’s the bad news?” the Ford asked the deceased Chevrolet.
“The bad news is that you’ve won the pole position for next Saturday’s race.”

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